an exclusive to the only sunglasses fit for a pop princess.

by ray siegel

Oversize, circle frames, cut outs, cat eye--Coco and Breezy are identical twins whose eyewear line has something for every face shape and preference. Their latest collection, called "Omorose", is based on Egyptian architecture. Let's just say we already know Lady Gaga--a current customer--will be all over it.

Coco explained, "The shapes found in architecture that we see, we use that as inspiration when design our eyewear to create fashionable yet functional styles of eyewear." The sisters haven't been in the design game for long, Breezy told us: "We started as the 19-year-old girls that quit our jobs, left Minnesota and moved to New York to go for our dreams. We knew we had a product, which was our studded glasses. We have now grown into 22-year-old young business women, and want to create not only fashionable, but functional and good quality sunglasses. We are learning as we go, and want you to continue following our journey!"

That's not two shabby considering their shades can often be seen on the faces of Nicki Minaj, Kelly Osbourne, and us, of course. They gave us an exclusive look at the new pairs for spring--they go on sale tomorrow ranging from $125-$275. Get them before Gaga!