check out the outfits that will spotlight your shoes.

by faran krentcil

It was big news when Doc Martens announced they'd start making clothing because... well... how can you compete with a pair of boots that will physically and stylistically never die?

But seeing their full range of womenswear out today, we admit it's pretty much exactly what we'd expect from the British purveyor of sole mates.

The new clothing collection from Doc Martens is basically a series of accents for your coolest shoes. Everything is meant to be worn with a miniskirt, pipe leg jean, or nothing at all - and all the tops are baggy and oversize, perfect for thigh-highs and your favorite pair of stompers.

We're especially excited about the striped t-shirt dress, which looks just long enough to be a deliberate mini instead of an "oops, I shrunk this in the wash but what the hell, it's summer" situation. 

The best part:  It's in Doc Martens stores and online on Monday.