the great clog debate continues - this time in a fast fashion chain.

by faran krentcil

When we first brought up the idea of clogs, there was a minor revolt on the site (refresh your memory by clicking here) - but apparently not enough to stop the fashion masses from (sorry) clogging on.

This season, the traditional wooden shoes were all over the runways, as well as on trendy celebs like Kate Moss and Chloe Sevigny. And let's face it, they are super-comfortable, a relief after last season's do-and-die stilettos.

Sensing the next Big Thing, H&M recruited Swedish Hasbeen designers illa Wingård Neuman and Emy Blixt to make three clog styles exclusive to the chain store.  They're cute.  They're cheap.  And they're made from environmentally sustainable materials, an exciting prospect coming from a giant corporation.

We're especially partial to the lace-up wedgies (see Image One), but we're ready to try all of them on in person, when they hit H&M stores on April 20... The snow should be cleared from the curbs by then, right?