First Look: Remastered Air Jordan Retros 2015

As a part of Jordan's 30th Anniversary celebration in 2015, they have announced a special remastering of all the retro styles, and we now have the first word.more

Initially, this means that all the present-day retro styles would be reproduced as closely as possible to the originals, including materials and production. The beginning of the remastered collection was unveiled tonight in Manhattan to an intimate group. Luckily, I was invited to join the likes of Jordan brand footwear director Dave Schecter as well as others from the Jordan family.

Discussions and a review of tools/special techniques were shown on how these models were made. Among many key points for the remastering of the retros was the importance of longevity of the Jordan brand and how youth today will continue to embrace it for generations, keeping the original quality and basis that Jordan built its brand on. This is definitely one of the most exciting projects Jordan has announced in quite some time. Take a look below to see what will be in store. All photos below courtesy of Kelly Shami.