nicola formichetti brings lady gaga on the paris runway.

by faran krentcil

Thierry Mugler just live-streamed their show and here's what we saw:

Plastic shoulders, leather waists, and more claws than a lobster shack in August. There were shoes that looked like cleaner versions McQueen's alien-crab hooves from 2009, patent pencil skirts and latex trenches, and some seriously innovative bodices made from what looked like melted Tupperware.

In the middle of it all was Lady Gaga, blowing cigarette smoke in the audiences faces, and generally flaunting the "this is fashion, deal with it" vibe.

But even without her incredible stunt casting, this show will more than hold its own:  With its Where-The-Wild-Things-Dress vibe and ingenious combination of fabrics, leathers, and plasticine forms, designer Nicola Formichetti took Thierry Mugler back to the mothership of shockingly modern spectacle.

Check out the screen shots, and let us know your first impressions.