five napkin burger

When is a burger not a burger?

by Josh Madden

When it comes to dinner, if you're not making the plans you don't exactly get to choose the place. So when our friends said, "Meet us at Five Napkin Burger on 14th street," we were all, "Not another burger...okay, we'll see about this." Looking at the menu we were totally stoked to see not only a veggie burger but lobster roll sliders and this ahi tuna steak. So, alright Five Napkin burger, you have more than just hamburgers, we like that, but what really made us fall for this place? Gluten-free buns. Yes my friend, for all my fellow dietary restricted homies, you can order any of the sandwiches with a gluten-free bun for no extra cost. We think this place should just re-name their whole joint to something like Awesome Food People. Oh yeah, the ahi tuna sandwich was rad, the fries were on point, and even though the place was packed, the wait time wasn't bad at all. This might be out new favorite spot, for real. Check HERE for locations and menus.