five questions: jody “high roller” christian aka riff raff aka the neon icon

One of the greatest entertainers alive…

by Josh Madden

The line of people on Broadway stretched a full block as music poured out of the Pac Sun (that's the updated name for Pacific Sunwear for all you non-mall rats) and bounced off of the surrounding SoHo buildings. It wasn't until we were right in front of the DJ until we noticed that it was the one and only Biz Markie, who was not only playing hit after hit, but also taking picture after picture with fans. We followed the snaking line through the packed store to find Jody "High Roller" Christian aka RiFF RAFF aka, well, there's about a dozen other aka's. The man who has as many aka's as he does job titles is known not only as a rapper and entertainer in the general sense of the word; but he's also a style icon, which is why he's in the clothing store meeting hundreds of people today. Christian, who first gained visibility on the MTV show From G's to Gents has shown the world quite efficiently that the path to success is different for everyone and maybe some G's are already gents. The self-professed fashion icon has collaborated with surf-skate-snowboard brand Neff and even starred in a video for their spring break T-shirts (see below). Our time spent with RiFF RAFF was short but--he did break us off some knowledge, he graced us with a little insight into swag, and what being an icon is all about. In all seriousness, the most impressive thing about this dude is the fact that before sitting down to talk he signed and took pictures with every single person in that line, going well over his scheduled time. If there's anything we learned it's that becoming a "Neon Icon" is like running for President and Jody High Roller is definitely taking the ballot. Follow him on twitter HERE and watch our favorite Youtube video, it's a true theatrical gem.

What was the last movie you saw in the theatre? Spring Breakers. It was real crazy, like surreal seeing myself on the screen.What was the first car you owned?A 93 Infinity J30, it was candy pink with pink rims and orange fleck paint like the Ciroq bottle. Then I got tired of the pink and changed the whole thing to orange.What was the first record you bought?Big Moe.What was the first live show/concert you went to?Jay Z and Mary J Bliege in Houston.What posters were hanging on your bedroom wall in High School?I had the Bart Simpson "Don't have a cow man" poster and I used to take a sling shot and shoot watch batteries at it.