flaming lips

would you burn a candle that smells like lipstick?

by faran krentcil

It's no secret we adore the perfume company Juliette Has a Gun, especially because their solid scents come in tidy silver bullets. But their latest creations (we almost put "confections") have us wondering how far we'll go to be darkly different.

They've released a line of candles named after three mythical figures: Lucifer, Marilyn, and Mary Jane.

Lucifer's light smells like burning wood and fire.  Mary Jane smells like pot.  And Marilyn?  It smells like powdery lipstick, an homage to the movie star nobody's ever been able to eclipse.

Is this a discreet nod to "Candle in the Wind," the Elton John hit inspired by Monroe's death?  Or just another excuse to flame out?

Juliette Has a Gun candles, $58 each at Apothia