flash forward

this glow in the dark lomo is the ultimate party trick.

by liza darwin

Between Adam & Eve, kimonos, and even ones inspired by sardine cans, Lomography has officially mastered the art of making your camera a fashion accessory.

And now it's really upped the ante with the latest addition to the analog family, the new glow in the dark Diana. Dressed in a bright yellow/green, this newcomer might look like your average old-school camera- but turn out the lights and watch it glow from the base to the little stars that shine on top.

The only problem? It's so cool, it's distracting. During our test run this weekend, our friends were more excited about gushing about the camera than actually posing for pictures.

But since this version takes the same technicolor-tinged photos as all the other Lomos we know and love, it should go without saying that the end result is totally worth it.

Buy it here.