Flashback Friday

Wanna go for a ride in a time machine?!?!

by Josh Madden

We're not sure if it's the throwback vibes of DZA's Peachfuzz mixtape we premiered earlier this week or the thought of making the annual pilgrimage to our hometown for the holidays, but we spent an hour this morning watching some classic video gems. As one video reminded us of another and Youtube searches ensued, debates started to fly around NYLON HQ about just when this song or that was released...and the memories that are linked to search track began to unlock.

It was then that we decided to post a few of our favorites, in no certain order, and now we're wondering--should we do this every Friday? We're sure we missed some greats, so please hit us on the Facebook page with video links and suggestions. If we get some good ones it just might become a regular thing. At any rate, we hope you travel safe, and maybe these jams will inspire you to make a mix for the parties you'll be hitting in your hometown. We'll be posting over the holidays so stay in touch, okay?!

-Wheatus "Teenage Dirtbag"Blair from NYLON TV got so butthurt when we didn't know that this whole deal was based around Loser because it's her favorite movie. Dude, we're to busy looking at Mena Suvari, chill!

-Alien Ant Farm "Smooth Criminal"The rule is--don't cover an MJ song unless you're gonna crush it. These guys crushed it.

-Bloodhound Gang "Bad Touch"This band, this song, this video made everyone feel like they were 12 years old again, in the best way possible.

-Lit "My Own Worst Enemy"An ode to getting turnt before getting turn was even a thing. We still hear this at Sing-Sing every single time we go there.

-311 "Down"We tried our best to keep up with P-Nut's rhymes but all we could ever do was scream "CONGRAD-U-LATIONS!"

-Foo Fighters "Big Me"When Dave Grohl and Pat Smear formed a new band the world waited to see what it would be like. And it was like this. And this is amazing. Every Foo's song and video stand the test of time.

-Third Eye Blind "Semi-Charmed Life"The whole world was singing this song before anyone knew what it was about and by the time they found out the band was filling stadiums.

-Weezer "Buddy Holly"Weezer single handedly made nerds cool...and we thank them forever because we are nerds.

-Sugar Ray "Fly"Before he directed movies like We Are Marshall,Terminator Salvation, Charlie's Angels Joseph McGinty Nichol AKA McG created amazing visuals for Smashmouth, The Offspring, and Sugar Ray. Did you know he also produced Sugar Ray's first album and co-wrote a bunch of their songs?

-New Radicals "Get What You Give"We saved the best for last with this one. It's a proven fact that if you start of a DJ set with this song you'll win every time. If you watch this video you'll want to go directly to the mall and run around in it...does your hometown have a mall? Did mall running just enter your holiday plans?