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    by · February 19, 2014
    WHY I LOVE IT: What is the scent of a badass babe? (Whiskey? Cigarette smoke? Blood?) Who knows...but any company that practices art in the visceral realm of olfactory expression with a passion for making killer scents is totally in the running. Enter: Capsule Parfums, an independent collective that creates mix and match match unisex fragrances inspired by fashion and street culture. My favorite? Urbane, a citrus explosion with notes of frosted bergamot, mandarin, tarocco blood orange, night phlox, wallflowers, honey, cream, tonic beans, and earthy oakmoss.
    FOR THOSE: Who go against the rules.
    WHY I LOVE IT: There are so many reasons why I love M.A.C Cosmetics’ Viva Glam campaign. Not only does every cent of the selling price of Viva Glam go towards helping women, men, and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS, but they get some of the coolest people in the entertainment industry to be the face of the campaign itself and help promote awareness of the cause. Viva Glam’s latest face is none other than Rihanna, who whipped up her famous blue-red lip color, but twisted it with a frost finish.
    FOR THOSE: Who want to be fabulous.
    WHY I LOVE IT: Seriously, who doesn’t love candy? Even better is an all-in-one pop-out makeup palette that doubles an iPhone case with a decadently decorated bodice. (Like, OMG, I know?!) The palette itself has 11 versatile shadows, a matte bronzer, and a pop of pink blush--just don’t forget it in a cab like you did with your other iPhone.
    FOR THOSE: Who are listening to “I Want Candy” by Bow Wow Wow.
    WHY I LOVE IT: Have I mentioned lately how much I love Janine and Aretha aka the power duo behind mega nail brand Floss Gloss? Ok: Well, I do. A lot. The girls came to the office yesterday to visit and shower me in all their new nail colors--and although I can’t share their S/S colors with you yet--their new Lean shade (part of their Resort collection) will leave you satisfied until then. Described as “drank up on my nails” (get it?)--the color is an electric violet that will kick your other purple polishes’ asses--it’s that good. Bonus: No I.D. required to buy this color!
    FOR THOSE: Who love that lavish lifestyleBODY ELECTRIC
    WHY I LOVE IT: In case you’re unaware: New York City has been a horrible place to live recently because it won’t. stop. snowing. It is cold, and slushy, and icy, and gross, and I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. Rant over. But seriously you guys, it’s so important to keep the rest of your body (not just your face) hydrated during these severe months. My savior is Restorsea’s Retexturizing Body Butter. Made from the brand’s Vibransea complex and Aquabeautine XL-- a natural enzyme released by salmon at birth--the enzyme’s properties gently exfoliate only dead skin cells, allowing living ones to flourish and stay hydrated.
    FOR THOSE: Who wish it was summer!
    WHY I LOVE IT: I’ve talked about the importance of ceramide before, but in case you’re unaware, let me school you right quick. One G.M. Collin Daily Ceramide Comfort time released capsule leaves skin silky and soft, while replenishing the skin’s lipidic barrier, protecting from environmental stressors, and preventing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Use every day to prevent the breakdown of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid on the skin to keep yourself looking young.
    FOR THOSE: Who want to swim in the fountain of youth.
    WHY I LOVE IT: Pros of sea salt and texturizing sprays: Your hair looks a gorgeous mermaid mess. Cons: Your hair is sticky and totally dried out. At last, you guys, I have found the answer: Lavett & Chin’s Sea Salt / Texturizing Mist. Using the finest sea salt available (from Maris sal, which is harvested from North America’s only active sea salt bed), and other yummy things like vital minerals and nutrients, your hair is transformed into a natural texture look sans any crunchy-ness.
    FOR THOSE: Who want Kate Moss bedhead.
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