Foxes Holding on For Heaven

new music from foxes!

by liza darwin

We don't know what we're more in love with: the song, the clothes, or Foxes' amazing Edie Sedgwick-inspired makeup in "Holding On For Heaven." Watch the video below and decide for yourself. (YouTube)

Kristen Stewart usually plays it straight when it comes to her hair, but the actress went bright orange this weekend--for a role in American Ultra. Get the deets. (Grazia)

He's already worked on collabs with H&M and Adidas, and now we hear that David Beckham is designing another clothing collection! Reportedly a "casual line of casual ready-to-wear" it's the latest step in VIctoria and David's plot to take over the fashion world...and we're not mad. (VOGUE UK)

OMG, The Goonies sequel is a go! Director Richard Donner confirmed this, saying he hopes all of the original cast will return. Just in case you needed an excuse to re-watch the '80s original. (Collider)

If you're in dire need of a dance party, a new favorite song, or an entirely different wardrobe (um, or all of the above?), this video from 2NE1's CL should do the trick. The K-Pop star rocks out in Kenzo, and the result is trippy, high-fashion awesomeness. (

This new Godzilla movie looks intense--like, massive destruction, a corrupt government, and terrifying monster intense--especially now that we've seen this extended sneak peek. Watch Bryan Cranston fight for his life, alongside co-stars  Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Juliette Binoche, and Elizabeth Olsen here. (Variety)