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    by · April 23, 2014


    Jonathan Briu’s manifesto for ‘Frames of Mind’ reads like something out of a mid-level psychology textbook—it makes sense, but a diagram would be helpful:
    “Pursue the insignificant empty perception of concept. Accept the chaos of property, its activity and function. While seeking the law of external reality. Through the empty chaos of life” In this case, that diagram comes in the form of a pre-summer capsule. Presenting the labels four-look line that’s sold exclusively through Japanese retailer Uneek, the collection aims at bringing uncommon subjects to the common conversation—something that is done all too well through the use of powerful imagery, bold graphics, and attention-grabbing text.
    But beyond just simply being fashionable streetwear pieces, the garments act as vessels…vessels that carry with them the realization that topics such as suicide and depression shouldn’t be considered taboo at all. And to drive that point home, Briu Homme showcases a short film that keeps with its eerie, shadowy aesthetic to accompany the collection.
    Watch the video below and be sure to shop the capsule HERE.
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