francis and the lights “etc”

Francis & The Lights return with a slow jam…

by Josh Madden

NYC's art-pop progeny Francis & The Lights returns with a proper R&B slow jam entitled "ETC". Those of you unfamiliar with Francis probably have heard his brand OF smooth pop on Drake's "Karaoke" off of

Thank Me Later. 

Francis stitches together an attitude and sound that pulls from Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Prince, and David Byrne, and sprinkles on a healthy amount of '90s it's R&B while keeping things on a contemporary path. Definitely 

check out the video for his past single "Darling, It's Alright"

- serious footwork. "ETC" continues to glide down Francis' path of smoothness with its light piano and drum break verses that blossoms into a synth soaked hook. Don't be surprised if you put this tune on everyday this summer as the sun begins to set.

-Daniel De Lera