freebie friday: glow on, please.

win free bronzer!

by jamie wilson

You know warmer weather is officially here to stay when you look in the mirror and realize you have suddenly achieved that quintessential sun-kissed glow. Even though winter seems to be hanging on (we're so close, guys), our friends at Mark. have created the perfect powder and blush to add to your makeup regimen while we patiently wait for spring to show. 

Lucky for you, we're giving away five Blooming Pretty highlighting face sets as well as five Chic Frills blush palettes from our April issue. These powders are exactly what you need to master that rosy cheek and all-around radiant glow and are proof that sometimes, bronze is even better than gold.

So, make spring come to you with these super cool freebies. Enter below for a chance to snag yours (totally on us, of course)!