free music: io echo

bad romance with a major punch of humor.

by liza darwin

Don't be fooled by Io Echo. With their murky, shadowy sound and grunge-goth look, this sister-brother duo might seem dark. But thanks to Ioanna Gika's crisp, cheeky vocals and Leopold Ross's booming guitar, this L.A. pair is just too good to be pigeon-holed into only one genre. We're not the only ones who think so: they've already shared the stage with Florence and the Machine, Hot Chip, La Roux, and Nine Inch Nails. Not bad for a band who hasn't even released their debut album yet. Meet Io Echo below.

1. You call yourself Io Echo because....

Leopold: "Io" is short for Ioanna, and "Echo" sounded sonically compatible.

2. You decided you wanted to play music because....

Ioanna: I enjoy studying contrasts. I'm interested in styles of Kabuki dance.  To explore the Japanese art both in performance and in sonic landscape is a facet of the music process that has been exciting to me. To try to sonically capture opposing forces and smash them together to see what occurs.  It gives me delight and propels me forward. 

3. Your favorite song off your debut album is....

Leopold:  I've enjoyed each song at different times for different reasons... Right now I am enjoying playing "Shanghai Girls."  I think it captures the mood and concept of this collection of songs really well.

4. You'd describe "When The Lillies Die" as....

Ioanna:  Lover leaves.  Lover expects to see you sad.  Lover has another thing coming.

5. If someone who's never heard your music before asked you to describe it, you'd say....

Ioanna: Romantic.  

Leopold: It's romantic but quite dark.  If one element of the music is complex we keep the other part stripped down, and vice versa.  As Ioanna mentioned, we're interested in contrasts and friction in sound.

6. If Io Echo could be the soundtrack to any situation or movie, what would it be?

Leopold: If John Hughes (Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, etc) were to make a film noir.

Download "When Lillies Die" free here, and check out more from Io Echo!