free music: lia ices

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by liza darwin

Don't be fooled by Lia Ices' delicate vocals and lilting melodies. This New York singer has mastered the art of quiet power, proving that being an ice queen (no pun intended) isn't always a bad thing. We chatted with the NYU grad about growing up shy, life on tour, and why she always packs jumpsuits for the road.

How did you first get into music?

I'd always been very shy as a little kid. My mom signed me up for theater and I also got into dancing like ballet and tap.  I always wanted to be a performer of some sort but wasn't sure which kind.

Many people have a hard time describing your new album, Grown Unknown. How would you describe it in your own words?

I'd say that in this album, it was important to find my own voice and my own sound. That's probably why it's so hard to describe. I was really trying to push myself personally and artistically, different from anything else I'd done. What I'm trying to do in my career is just find my sound.

How is it different from your debut album, Necima?

Just the general process of how it happened was more thorough than the last.I look at the first one as a document, like, "I can write songs, here you go." I wrote most of Grown Unknown while living in Vermont during the winter;  it was important for me to be patient with the the process that had to happen to get the songs to where they are now.

You're about to hit the road on a US tour. Are you excited?

I'm actually really excited. I'm excited to kind of be everywhere for the next year. Being on tour is new to me, so it's really fun to watch the songs become something else by playing them so much. There's this evolution from writing, to recording, to playing the songs.

What are the three things you always take on tour?

Jumpsuits are really functional for me on stage; they actually pack really easily and are easy to move around in. I also bring my iPad...and trail mix. The essentials [laughing].

Download Lia's singles "Grown Unknown" and "Daphne" here!