free music: real fur

are laundromats the new concert halls?!

by liza darwin

In a world of makeshift music venues, Real Fur has one-upped everyone with their cool new take on the DIY space. This London trio have invented what they call "Safari Funk," which are performances in local laundrettes around the city. It grabbed everyone's attention, sure, but don't think assume is just a weird publicity gimmick. With their tropical-tinged songs, funky energy, and no shortage of charisma, we'd watch these guys play in a sea of clean clothes any day. We let Real Fur introduce themselves before they embarked on their new "Safari Punk" tour.

1. You call yourself Real Fur because...

It's a loaded phrase with heavy connotations. I guess we found its tendency to polarize intriguing but we've taken it out of its original context - it's definitely not a comment on the literal meaning.

2. If you could describe "Birds" in 3 words, you'd say...

"Bread-line fun time" or "Credit crunch funk"

3. The best part about playing gigs in a laundrette is...

The positive response we get - people tend to get pretty excited about the idea which creates a really good atmosphere . We get to watch bands we really like and we get to play to a receptive audience in a space usually associated with being as banal as the weekly wash. And it's bring your own booze.

4. After the show, we can find you.....

At the after party. And after the party in the hotel lobby.

5. The craziest/most memorable show you've ever played was..

At a packed squat pub at 2 in the morning after a sleepless thirty hours on the road coming back from Paris. Half way through the set the power cut out so a ten minute drum solo ensued while someone ducked out to buy petrol for the mobile generator.

6. If you could play your songs in any situation (for instance, driving with the windows down, late-night parties,etc). what would your perfect scenario be?

Is that an offer? In a free bar on a beach in the Caribbean ideally. Or failing that we'd settle for a free bar in Tuscany. Or just any free bar.

01 Birds by NYLONmag

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