free music: tribes

live, from the london underground…

by liza darwin

Tribes may have started out handing out their demos to friends and playing gigs in the London underground scene, but now this Camden fourpiece is breaking out in a big way. They've got scruffy hair, a confident swagger and a mischievous attitude, like they've just emerged from a wild night of partying- and we can't get enough.

Their single "We Were Children" is a slightly rough, nostalgia-inducing jam that manages to combine guitar riffs and catchy lyrics without sacrificing the band's grungy aesthetic. And if you're in the U.K., you can catch them perform the song live on tour with our other favorite rock foursome, MONA.

But for the rest of us? This free download will just have to hold us over til Tribes finally hit stateside.

Download "We Were Children" here!

Listen to more of Tribes here!