free people: get people

download your synth summer jam right here.

by liza darwin

Who knew that shattered glass could make for such an awesome summer soundtrack? Okay, so maybe the boys from Get People weren't actually throwing plates in the recording studios, but this U.K. trio has something great going on their latest single.

Besides the glass-splintering cameos, these London up-and-comers dive into an atmospheric realm of layered vocals, funky synths, and unexpectedly energetic beats on "Colour," off their EP Rain Tears.

Hopscotching the line between party and chillwave, their unique sound is a little like what we think would happen if the XX met up with Metronomy and danced til 4 am at an underground rave...well, you get the idea.

They're already shared the stage with The Wombats and The Crystal Fighters, and with a slew of festival dates still to come, these guys are here to stay.

Download the exclusive premiere of "Colour" below and get to know Get People.

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