the hottest new goods come straight from the vending machine.

by liza darwin

Newsflash: the vending machine isn't for your late-night munchies anymore. Now it's getting an artsy makeover, courtesy of The Hole.

For their latest show, ART MACHINE, the NYC contemporary gallery is giving customers some serious instant gratification. Teaming up with downtown concept store Alife, they've stocked a massive vending machine with exclusive products, actual artworks, and personal artist memorabilia that customers can purchase with a single swipe of the credit card.

The prices range from $5 to a cool $1000 and include everything from customized bikes to limited-edition underwear to mini-paintings and photos that you can't find anywhere else.

And, it goes without saying that these vending machine scores will last much longer than that bag of Cheetos you bought last weekend.

February 10-22 at The Hole, NYC.

After the exhibit closes, buy the remaining items here.