This Weekend’s Gemini Supermoon Is For Fools And Lovers

And for all those yearning for freedom

It’s that time of the month, my love, when any glance at the night sky beckons the query, “Is it full yet? It looks full now!” The answer? “Well, you just wait.”

When the moon returns to us with all her light, it’s always as if for the first time. She is the space rock we think we know but she is neither planet nor star, and that sort of refusal to be defined is something Gemini knows about all too well. Because it is Sagittarius time, our moon is full of light and opposites, illuminating the places within us that yearn to be two people at once, the places that yearn for freedom in all its human forms. While the Sagittarius Sun beckons forth our daredevils, romantics, and heretics, our full moon in Gemini yearns to sit respectfully with the sacred mysteries we encounter as we move through this life, those moments of seeing and feeling that change us irrevocably. 

Ah, “sit respectfully” isn’t the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Gemini, is it? Have you been swayed by the idea that our twin stars are of one kind? Duality’s the thing and don’t you forget it. When Gemini opposes Sagittarius in the night sky, she is inquisitive, where he’s faithfully sure and she’s analytical where he is wise. Gemini asks the question and listens for all the answers; she collects them all without presumption because she knows knowledge is flowing and flown. Gemini means to drink from that sacred river. Look again at the wheel where this full moon lingers, the second decan of Gemini is blessed by Venus. This Gemini moon is the wind pushing that human-size scallop shell onto shore with the goddess of love inside. Represented by the Lovers card in the Tarot, Gemini is the sign of communication and communion, forged partnership, verbal contracts, and the writing of vows. 

With Mercury (Gemini’s ruler) and Venus stationed in Sagittarius this month, the opposition of Gemini and Sagittarius might wind up posing an influence on us Earthlings in ways that are far more similar than we’re used to, and we are sure to find that where balance erodes, chaos kindles. Keep this in mind, reader, and take precaution. The practice of discernment should be taken up with a kind of devotion. Consider Mercury’s retrograde when the moon is full, consider the exchanges you’ve had this month. Which ones have planted seeds of doubt in you? Which ones have entrusted you with secrets you were never meant to carry? This full moon won’t tolerate betrayal, especially the betrayal of personal values. Be careful of telling lies even if they are a means of protection. Be wary of what feeds your ego but starves your spirit. Be gentle when you make missteps, with yourself with others. This full moon will have you wondering what your mistakes say about who you are, and if you’re a fool you might be tempted to start defining yourself by them.

If you’re a fool, my love, you’re a sacred fool. The kind of fool the ancients wrote of when they talked of mystics and seers, of someone who was not sure of God, of someone who was seeking. As above so below, we say, so fathom the Gemini soul the moon reflects in you. Where do the extremes of your character exist in harmony? Breathe deep into your body memory and call forth the moments when you existed in perfect balance between all your selves. Under the big eye of the Supermoon (otherwise known as a Perigee Syzygy, or the yoking together of celestial bodies at their closest point), imagine the farthest parts of your nature—and pull.