Why Tonight’s Full Moon Signals It’s Time To Let Go Of The Past

Let’s go let go

The Sun is newly in Gemini and, all around us, information is pouring into its respective buckets; trees are playing out their encoded blossom-fall, and greening; and our big red sun has come close to show us what it can do. It’s that time of year again, and, during the day, front stoops fill up with dimmed memories, with what our neighbors understand no longer serves them, and we are invited to parse through for objects that could start an entirely new life by coming home with us. Full moon, warm summer night, soft breeze and stars like arrows shooting across the sky with visions of what the future offers, it’s the perfect time for letting go so that there’s room for something beautiful.

This full moon is in Sagittarius Decan 1, and Decan 1 of Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, which makes it the most Sagittarius part of the sign. This Decan is not as impulsive and gambling as Sagittarius at mid-point, and it’s not as resolute as it is in its final degrees. An optimist and a seeker, Sagittarius Decan 1 has a curious mind that loves to compare mythologies, devour old texts, and expand the boundaries of its intellectual terrain. When the moon is full in Sagittarius, we are asked to review what we called in while the moon was new in Taurus. Think back, reader, to when that moon was a thin sliver in the black night. Was there something you wanted? Was there a path you felt ready to forge? Did you feel, at the core of you, a call toward deep intimacy that required an openness and intention you had not felt capable of in years? 

I apologize in advance for being cheesy but as that ageless song goes, “you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need.” Over the course of this current moon cycle, you've been given chance upon chance to try in good faith. You've been asked to try differently so that you might get different results. If you were brave, then the chances you took this past moon cycle taught you a thing or two about yourself, about who you are now and who you can longer pretend to be. With each leap of faith, paths opened to you that were not open before, possibilities rose to the surface as if from another world. Under this full moon, take what you’ve learned during those trials and make of it a new sense of self, a new mythology, a sacred text that bears your name and is yet unfinished.

Have I told you before that the veil is thinnest when the moon is full? Have you heard of the veil, the one that separates our living world from the spirit worlds that surround us? There are witches, practitioners, who part the veil because they know how to keep the great mysteries. If you mean to walk amongst them, then this bright, wild, conjuring moon is for you, and what you invite and invoke is bigger than you know, and more powerful than first registered. But, if you mean to work with the energy of this realm, if you are here to listen, then take this full moon as a moment to purge what no longer serves you. Purge knick knacks, purge philosophies, purge the notion of yourself as who you used to be. If there are people or projects to whom you gave your word, but who no longer feel worthy of your word, purge the contract of your word to them and make a new contract with yourself.