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The Full Moon In Sagittarius Means The Hard Truth Will Finally Come To Light

Full moon, can’t lose

To state the cosmic obvious, when the moon is full it is in direct opposition to the Sun. When the moon is full in Sagittarius, it is in direct opposition to the Sun in Gemini. Behold, then, the events of the world—this political moment—when a powerful Sagittarius testifies in opposition to a powerful Gemini. Like many of you responsible citizens, I’ve spent yesterday morning listening to ex-FBI director James Comey’s testimony. And, like many of you star-loving babies, I’ve thought about Comey’s Sun in Sagittarius and his Mercury (planet of information and communication) position… which is Sagittarius. In our arguably tenuous democracy, a commitment to the truth is not common, especially when that truth seeks to speak back to power. And, if power is corrupt, then truth must be ever more upright. It’s a good thing, then, that Comey is a Sagittarius because a Sagittarius holds truth above all and that is his honor. 

Now, I’m not here for a political discussion, nor am I entirely committed to Comey’s word (a man with a moon in Scorpio has secrets we will never know), but one would be hard-pressed to find an astrologer whose intrigue hasn’t been piqued by a full moon in Sagittarius looming over this Intelligence Committee Testimony. “As above so below,” the witches say. To that, I’d like to add: As around us, so within us. Take stock, then, of what you have left unsaid and how—now more than ever—and what you must communicate to others so that you are living in your truth. 

It’s important to note that Jupiter, Sagittarius’s ruling planet, stations direct in Libra at the same time as our moon reveals her full light. In celebration, I imagine that somewhere on this planet a band of wild horses gallops forward with abandon—with relief. Jupiter wants us to move forward, too, and have faith while we’re at it. In freedom, in the world we want. Jupiter believes life can still be beautiful, and that justice is a kind of beauty, too. Jupiter in Libra knows a thing about karma, about getting back what you’ve been giving. If you’ve spent these past few months giving your all for the common good, if you’ve taken pains to take care of loved ones, if you’ve devoted time and energy to something bigger than you—watch the honor of your love-work glow under the Sagittarius full moon. You deserve a ceremony, you deserve a massage and a variety of orgasms! 

Good thing, then, that Venus has moved into the sign of Taurus. While the Sun and moon have got you revealing, processing, emotionally laboring, and generally spreading the butter around, Venus in Taurus will be calling you home a little early and asking you to sleep a little later. Venus in Taurus wants you to light a candle and stretch your hamstrings. She wants you to buy your favorite meal for dinner, even if it’s a dinner for one and you’ve got food at home. Venus in Taurus is here to remind you that, in a chaotic world full of deception and mutability, you have a choice in who and what you surround yourself. Whatever trust issues you have with your own heart, she will ask you to quiet them down and turn your resentment into resolve. Whatever wounds you have incurred in your relationships to others these past few months, she will show you how pain is a teacher. 

No one loves a teacher more than a Sagittarius, that’s for sure. Remember those reward charts in grade school? We used to mark our good deeds with stars. This full moon might have you feeling like your whole class worked so hard you deserve a pizza party. You’re probably right; you probably need a pizza party, and a sexy date, and a long hot bath, and a new president.