get “tiny furniture” for 99 cents!

by jazzi mcgilbert

We've been spending quality TV-time with the girls of HBO's Girls and now we get to re-live the moment we fell hard for Lena Dunham in Tiny Furniture. It's the iTunes Movie of the Week, and rightfully so, which means now you can own it for the broke-student-friendly price of just .99 cents. Score. Read our review of HBO's Girls (we can't wait for next week's ep!) This DIY indie started the buzz before the buzz and captures a confused post-grad Aura (who is a lot like Hannah), her quirky family (played by Dunham's IRL mom and sister) and some familiar friends. It was written and directed by Dunham and follows the familiar "I'm a big kid now" format, complete with out-of-work friends, awkward sex and parental probs du jour. Basically, it's like Girls, but different. So tonight, let's dig through the fridge, find something to munch on and raise our Ikea glasses to the film that gave us pipe-sex and the Neitzchian cowboy.

Check out our Tiny Furniture review then go buy it on iTunes while it's still on the cheap.