funny for money

Laughing straight to the bank…

by Christian Lavery

Launching today, Funny For Money is the latest interactive platform aimed at cultivating a comedic community. And although laughs will be bountiful, it’s not all fun and games (okay, maybe it is). But that doesn’t mean there won’t be a little friendly competition involved.

Here's how it works. Users submit video responses to relevant topics, share and vote within the site and its social satellites, and earn points and rewards in a no-nonsense system where everybody wins. The more active users become, the more points they accumulate. Yet unlike other sites where winners are scarce, all Funny For Money users are given the opportunity to earn points through simple participation and exchange those points in the Marketplace either for products or actual cash direct to their PayPal account.

To get started showing off your comedic talents, all you have to do is sign up, so head over to Funny For Money HERE, and check it out for yourself.