Photo courtesy of Libertine.


Werewolf Nails Are Becoming A Thing

from the runway to real life, and just in time for tonight’s full moon

Lock your windows and doors, and whatever you do, don’t go outside. Tonight marks the February full moon, otherwise known as the snow moon. While folklore dictates that it actually needs to be dark with the moon in plain sight for werewolves to begin making their transformations, it seems that some are beginning to morph earlier than expected—in the form of nails. 

It all started with the Libertine show last week during New York Fashion Week. CND, the brand responsible for some of the craziest and most intricate nail designs on the runway this season, were of course accountable for this new craze, as they sent half-human, half-wolf models marching down the runway with fur-covered nails. 

Fashion Week is a time to discover the latest fashion and beauty trends, and while some of these trends are more relatable to real life than others, others are just downright out there. Either way, this trend may actually be becoming a thing, as others on Instagram are starting to follow—and we’re scared.

But really, all folklore aside, are furry nails going to become the newest nail trend? A new glove alternative, perhaps? We imagine that actually wearing these would make certain everyday actions pretty difficult, such as eating a sandwich (wouldn’t you get hair in your mouth?) or washing your hands (are your nails the equivalent of a wet dog until they completely dry?). Will the trend pass after tonight’s full moon? Our questions are endless, and remain unanswered.