we test out sephora x opi’s new at-home gel manicure.

by ali hoffman

Confession: When Sephora by OPI's new Gelshine At-Home Gel Colour system first arrived on my desk, I was a bit apprehensive for several reasons...

1. As much as a I love a good DIY (which believe me, I really do), I'm not a huge fan when it comes in the form of a kit.

2. It's definitely on the pricey side ($159 for the whole kit)

3. How much patience and skill will this honestly take?

4. What will happen when I stick my hand in that neon blue LED contraption? Am I even brave enough to find out?

Thankfully (for my sake and yours), I ultimately decided to take the package home and give it a whirl.

The result, to my surprise (and probably yours too), was incredible. My nails looked professionally painted, and didn't even begin to chip till Day 12.  By following the steps carefully (YOU NEED TO), it took me just under an hour, which is pretty much how long a gel manicure takes at a salon.  You don't need to be a skilled nail artist- in fact, I found the gel to go on much easier than most polishes I've tried.  Plus, because the color dries pretty much instantly, there's less of chance chance you'll mess it up. And for those wondering about the removal process, it's much less tiresome than you think (and no you won't be left with paper-thin nails).

Lastly, in terms of price, it's pretty much the same cost as 3-4 gel manicures at a salon- which is really reasonable considering you can use it until the gel color's up (and even then, you just need to buy another bottle of gel).

Once again, FDR's whole theory on fear proves true.


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