what’s the sequel to “orgasm” blush?

by faran krentcil

Today, we tried to explain NARS' orgasm blush to Nick Bloom-Scaglione, our online art director and a certified dude. Attempts included:

"It's meant to mimic the flush in your face after... you know."

"You know how girls are always trying to get 'bedroom eyes' and 'bedhead'?  This is like that for blush."

"It's supposed to look really sexy, okay?"

Finally, we just caved and said it:  NARS developed a pigment called "Orgasm" that simulates the natural "I just got laid and it was fantastic" glow that women hope to have on a daily basis.  This month, they've developed something new: a color called "G-Spot" that's deeper and more intense than "Orgasm," and therefore great to wear at night. 

The color is only on sale as a holiday special, but since it's a full-size cosmetic stick, it should last you through spring, ensuring although Christmas only comes once a year, you can look like you... well... you know.

We strongly discourage paying for actual orgasms.  But If you want NARS' Orgasm or G-Spot, they're $39 each.