hundreds of dresses from fashion history are now at your mouse pad.

by joelle hyman

We've lusted after many pop culture wardrobes, from Marie Antoinette to Cher Horowitz, but our bookshelves and favorites folder can only stretch so far to hold all of our inspiration. The curators at the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology are stepping in to host decades of fashion, all in one place. The institute re-vamped their collection of iconic designs in an online archive.

The website includes over 600 pieces, ranging from 19th century evening capes to Rodarte's Christian Louboutin spiked platforms. You can browse the museum with a keyword search, by decade, or simply weeding out the clothes to go straight to shoes and bags. Now, we have years of fashion at our fingertips, without having to do all the heavy research (as if that's stopping us from building our Netflix queue). Check out the E-Museum here and don't skip out on the '90s Alaïa; trust us.

Dress by Andy Warhol and the Campbell's Soup, 1966

Rudi Gernreich dress, 1972

Givenchy couture boot, 1998

Dress by Yves Saint Laurent, 1965

Molyneaux flapper dress, 1920s

Michel Goma evening dress, 1967

Elsa Schiaparelli dress, 1940

French corset stay, 1750