This “Game of Thrones” Audition Reel Is Everything

so many of your favorites!

Oh, man, do we ever love this.

As you should absolutely know, it’s Comic Con time, meaning some of your favorite sci-fi and fantasy franchises are digging deep and offering up amazing previews, news, and extras for us. Right at the top of the pile is this compilation of Game of Thrones audition clips featuring some of our favorite Westerosi faces.

Now, you won’t see Kit Harrington before The Hair, but you do get some of the second-billed actors you’ve come to know and love pitching their hearts out. What’s remarkable here is how so many of them had their characters down pat before getting the nod. Gwendoline Christie was already badassing it up as Brienne, Natalie Dormer had Margaery Tyrell’s trademark feline chutzpah up and running, and Pedro Pascal seemed ready to charm the world’s pants off as Oberyn Martell. Even Ben Crompton had Dolorous Edd’s dolorousness well in hand.

Oh, and get ready to see Melisandre giggle. It will change you.