Game Of Thrones New Season 5 Trailer - March 2015

is april here yet?

Spring is coming. Which means, of course, another earth-shattering, water-cooler season of Game Of Thrones arrives with it. To announce HBO's standalone streaming service HBO Now, Apple debuted a new trailer for the show, which seems to suggest that the main players who have been quietly playing "the game" (Jon Snow in the North, Daenerys in the East, Margaery versus Cersei in King's Landing) are making some serious moves. The first trailer set up Tyrion's trek towards Daenerys and his realization that the Targaryen girl has power. This trailer establishes that there is—for the first time since season three—a world at war.

A couple of important realizations without spoilers (from a longtime book reader):

  • Margaery looks pissed. There is a great clip of her storming through the door. Perhaps this has to do with her chaste smooch with Tommen and the zoom in on Cersei's irritated face? 
  • Cersei is sleeping with someone who isn't Jaime, who seems to be giving her quite a hard time about being a butcher.
  • War! War everywhere! Daenerys first seems to be leading the charge, but the trailer hints at her losing control and being surrounded in the midst of a battle. 
  • Sand snakes! The seventh kingdom, the rarely seen Martell land Dorne, seems to come into play.

Ahem. All of the scheming, plotting, and killing seems to be amounting to one major season. April, please hurry.