The Final Trailer For ‘Game of Thrones’ Season Six Teases An Epic Battle

There will be blood

The final trailer for Game of Thrones' sixth season begins with what else but the corpse of Jon Snow. "I thought he was the man to lead us through the long night," says the voice of Tormund Giantsbane. "I was wrong." No, you probably weren't, but the rest of this action-stuffed trailer won't dare confirm that. Instead, it focuses on pretty much every other character in GoT's labyrinthine universe, and by the looks of it, shit is getting all too real. The Lannisters are looking to reassert their power, Sansa is out for revenge, and Arya's evolution has reached a new phase. But midway through, we're reminded by Ser Davos that none of that means anything, because the real battle here is between the living and the dead, "and make no mistake, the dead are coming." Ya think? Season six of Game of Thrones premieres on April 24, but you already knew that.