Gap Made An App To Virtually Try On Clothes

No more fitting rooms!

Hands down, the worst part of the retail shopping experience is trying on clothes. Changing in the dressing rooms is bad enough, but sometimes the line to even get into one is so long that you leave empty-handed out of sheer frustration. Gap Inc. is determined to break that cycle and make shopping a more "human-centric” experience by adopting a “start-up mentality.” The brand's first step is introducing a dressing room app to the market.

Since January, Gap has been testing an app that enables shoppers to try on outfits through a mobile avatar that examines the fit of the product based on their own measurements. The dressing room app uses augmented reality and Google technology. (We're currently envisioning the concept like a "Sims" games.)

Through this initiative, Gil Krakowsky, Gap's vice president of global strategy, business development, and consumer insights, intends to improve the brand's customer service.

“We have made it extremely hard for regular customers to understand when they are looking at a garment on a website or on a shelf whether it’s going to fit them and going to look great. It’s a pain point," he said. "It’s super frustrating to be shopping online or pre-shopping and not having the sense of how something is going to fit.”

At last, we are finally one step closer to living like Cher Horowitz with her iconic virtual closet. For more information on this development, head over to WWD.