Unless things go terribly awry, you probably won't see the bartender's feet on your next night of carousing.more

And that's too bad, because if the guy behind the counter has particularly good style, he might be rocking a pair of the new limited-edition Cutty Sark x Generic Surplus sneakers.

Built for comfort and style, these killer hi-tops feature a black leather upper with yellow and off-white accents. There's also an off-white canvas lining with yellow pinstripes—a subtle nod to the color scheme seen on bottles of Prohibition Edition Cutty Sark. Said beverage pays tribute to Captain Bill McCoy, who smuggled Cutty's glorious beverage into the U.S. during prohibition.

Long story short: These stylish kicks allow wearers to give subtle props to their favorite whisky while pouring drinks, drinking drinks, thinking about drinks, or perhaps even doing things that don't involve drinking. They're that versatile.

As per the official website, the sneaker "rests on a non-slip vulcanized sole that will keep you stuck to that bar-mat, skateboard or rooftop ... or any of life's less travelled surfaces." Since most nights involve bars, skateboards, and rooftops, this is essential gear for urban adventuring

The Cutty Sark x Generic Surplus sneaks dropped today (Nov. 4) and are available for $149.99 at KITH in New York City and online at Generic Surplus.