get fresh

two of our favorite retailers in one sweet coupling for spring.

by lynette perez

There's a lot to love about Joe Fresh: The brand, Canada's version of H&M, pairs simple silhouettes and classic designs with unexpected textiles, textures, and patterns for affordable outfits. We literally can't walk into the store and not leave with an armful of clothes. And that's the problem: The line only has US stores in New York City and New Jersey, so if you live beyond the tri-state area you're out of luck--and no, the Joe Fresh website has no e-commerce component. That is, until this week.

Though you still can't buy pieces online through the brand's own website, Joe Fresh has teamed up with JC Penney, making select spring collection pieces available to purchase online. And that's not all: As of March 15, the collection will be available in JC Penney stores throughout the US, as well. That means their silk checkered button-down shirts, tie-dye pants, and floral tees are all just a click (or drive to your nearest mall) away. Now your only problem is figuring out how to get it all home. Until Joe Fresh starts selling forklifts, you're on your own.

Visit for more info and to start shopping.