Celebrate Thanksgiving with 10 Songs Called ‘Thanks for Nothing’

by nylon

Not a lot of gratitude in the punk and metal worlds.more

Or so it would seem based on the large number of songs titled "Thanks for Nothing" that have spewed forth from both genres over the years. Snarling tunes like the 10 that follow have a certain timeless appeal, but they're especially appropriate on Thanksgiving, when everyone's yammering on about how grateful they are for the things they have, and all you can do is think about the people who've wronged you and the stuff you still want.

After listening to these 10 songs, the main thing you'll want is some good music to cleanse the palate—and fast. That's because the list leans a little heavy on nu-metal—a subgenre that is to rock 'n' roll what beaks and feet are to turkey feasts.

No need to thank us for the playlist, in other words. Listen and endure, just like you do with family dinner conversation.

Napalm Death

With thrashing guitars and galloping kick drums, England's grindcore kings lay waste to this track. The opening line is damn near perfect for Thanksgiving: "Serve my head on a plate." Sadly, lead screamer Mark Greenway doesn't specify how his head should be prepared.


Even in Sweden, a land of beautiful people and unrivaled quality of life, there's reason to be pissed off. Luckily, these garage rockers make anger sound fun, which is pretty much the point of being a garage rocker.

Dillinger Four

Brace yourself as these Minneapolis punks take aim at Uncle Sam and his warmongering ways. It's a pacifist punk anthem that might also ease the pain of your family's squabbling.

Sum 41

Listen as Canada's premier pop-punk exports rage against parents, teachers, polite society, and a bunch of other stuff that presumably isn't hockey. "I can't make myself do what you want me to," the fellas tell us, right before a metal breakdown that would make Napalm Death giggle like schoolgirls.

Slaves on Dope

"Your band is so bad!" screams the frontman for these Canadian nu-metal knuckleheads. "Fuck you, fucker! Fall!" Everyone's a critic, though really, if you play in a Canadian nu-metal band, you might want to keep your music-related opinions to yourself.


If the cast of Frozen were to make a metal album, it would sound like this, only way, way better.


"You'll never understand how it feels to lose soul in every dream," bellows Keith Holuk, leader of this ferocious Massachusetts metal-core outfit. Now, here's a guy who could use a piece of pumpkin pie.

Out of Your Mouth

More crummy Canadian rock, this time compliments of a nu-metal band with blatant pop aspirations. Listen once—then be thankful you never, ever have to listen again.

Heart to Heart

There are mutual breakups, and then there are the types of splits that inspire lines like this: "I ruined you / You ruined me." Sounds like these Cali emo bros broke even. So why all the whiny rage?

Downtown Fiction

No whiny rage here—just some Virginia power-pop lightweights serving up fluffy vitriol for heartbroken 14-year-olds.

Frenzai Rhomb

These snotty Aussies end the list on a high note, playing the kind of pissed-off skate-punk that, like cranberry relish, is always delicious and refreshing.

Photo: Hulton Archive