a step-by-step tutorial of her cover look.

by ray siegel

We're extremely proud that Gwen Stefani's first magazine cover was with Nylon 12 twelve years ago. She may have had bright pink hair for that shoot, but when you look back it doesn't seem like the pop star has ever veered too far away from her iconic look—which is a good thing. It has stood the test of time without ever requiring much improvement. Which is to say that makeup artist Gregory Alt didn't have to struggle with reinventing Stefani's makeup routine for this month's cover. Aside from the hot pink lips in place of bright red ones, she looks pretty close to the way we remember her looking when she was "just a girl." Since we know you want to get her look at home, we had Alt walk us through every step.


"Gwen's skin is naturally beautiful, so minimal foundation was used. I applied a sheer veil of base with a foundation brush for precise, flawless application. Apply foundation first then concealer as you'll use less product, resulting in a more natural finish. I set it with a pressed mineral powder to keep the skin luminous."

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"For blush I used a baby pink color right on the apple of the cheeks. I had Gwen smile when I applied it so that the blush would look like a flush on the apples on the cheeks—try this at home; smiling makes the skin more taut and better for blush to go on, and who doesn't want someone smiling back at them in the mirror? Using a blush with a hint of shimmer will also add a beautiful, youthful glow to the skin."

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"We went with "classic Gwen," but with a bit of a twist. Gwen loves a light lid with a cat eye. I was inspired by the fuchsia lip that I did, so I used a bit of an ivory pink shimmer on her huge eyelids and a neutral brown in the crease followed by a black liquid liner that I did more laterally. That shape is more "new wave" than retro, keeping it modern and cool. Tilt your head back and look down in the mirror—like a queen looking down at her people—and apply for the most precise application. Loads of mascara and a little shimmery brow highlighter finished it off!"

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"Gwen is famous for a cherry red lip, but we thought it would be cool to do more of a bright fuchsia. I used a magenta colored lip pencil and filled in the lips followed by a creamy fuchsia pink lipstick for a major pop!"

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