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    by · September 19, 2014

    luanna perez-garreaud shot by haylee barsky

    Name/Blog: Luanna Perez-Garreaud from Le Happy
    Hometown: Lima, Peru
    Current City: New York City
    Years blogging: 4
    1) Tell us a little about where your style inspiration comes from---- Le Happy definitely has a consistent street-wise feel.
    I get inspired by my surroundings, old movies, books, music in general (I love all kinds of genres), the internet, and style from the 90’s. I’m also inclined to a gothic and bohemian aesthetic so my outfits have that vibe as well.
    2) Item in your closet you can’t live without?
    My leather jacket, black beanie, and my creepers.
    3) What do you love most about New York?
    Absolutely everything. I just love that it’s such a rich place with so many different cultures. You can meet people from all around the globe and find so many styles to get inspired by. I get ideas from everyone I see. Theres always something new to do, the food is infinite, and there are so many good concerts. I basically never get bored, I love New York.
    4) Your hair though. Any tips for how to get that rad red color?
    Haha I just experiment! I do it by myself in my bathroom; just bleach the tips and do whatever I feel like doing to the top part. Sometimes I add some non-permanent red hair color, and sometimes I just go for a copper red, or magenta. I basically try to not stain the tips with the dye and keep them blonde/orangy.
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