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    nylon intern and unicorn enthusiast.

    by · September 22, 2014

    haylee barsky shot by suzanne darcy

    Name: Haylee Barsky (@hayleebarsky)
    Hometown: Boca Raton, FL
    School/Major: Art History @ Fashion Institute of Technology
    Current City: NYC
    1) Tell us a little about your photography style---what are your favorite subjects to shoot?
    I prefer movement, expression, no makeup. I’ve been told my photographs express an “eerie” beauty—I’ll always love a good black and white photograph. I mostly enjoy just shooting people, except for when i’m traveling.
    2) You’ve gotten the chance to shoot a bunch of industry models in your short time at FIT. What advice would you give to someone trying to break into fashion photography?
    My best advice would be to not expect things to happen overnight. Just be persistent, humble and remember that good things do come to those who wait. I’ve luckily developed good relationships by now where people have trust in what I can do.
    3) What’s your favorite part about interning at NYLON? (No pressure!)
    Being surrounded by effortlessly cool and creative people.
    4) How would you describe your personal style and how has it changed since moving to New York?
    My personal style was always laid back, like jeans and a tee shirt. Since moving to New York I started to believe in quality over quantity, so I did an overhaul and invested in basics— lot’s of leather and sweaters.
    5) In 5 years, you are…
    Traveling the world and buying a unicorn.
    Shop Haylee’s look at NYLONshop.
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