emma stone on revlon, dr. pepper, and woody allen.

by ray siegel

We hung out with Emma Stone yesterday in a rather glorious penthouse at midtown New York's Hudson Hotel. It was our second hotel suite rendezvous--you see, Stone and I have made a habit of these gatherings. "I'm so glad you are the last interview of the day," she told me. Turns out she remembered our first meeting as well as I did--instead of a Daniel Vosovic dress, she wore Band of Outsiders fall '13. "It's beautiful. I have to give it back in about 30 minutes," Stone joked.

This time we had Revlon's new Lash Potion mascara to discuss. I asked why I should throw out all of my mascaras and buy this one. Stone joked again--with a huge smile on her face (she's always smiling), "Because it's the best mascara in the whole world and everyone should use it." But then added seriously, "I wear it everyday, because it makes me feel better, but if it didn't--I wouldn't wear it." This sentiment spurred on a larger conversation about how we, as women, relate to beauty and the message it sends.

"It's an ongoing conversation because I think that beauty for young women could use a reboot. Someone recently asked me, What makeup do I wear to impress a man?' The answer is: 'That's never a reason why I'd wear makeup.' That alone needs to change." Emma then recalled her first positive experiences with beauty. "My first beauty memory is collecting Lip Smackers. The Dr. Pepper flavor was the sh*t," Stone said as she coincidentally sipped out of her can of Diet Dr. Pepper. "And look at me now! I've come full circle,," she smiled again. "I also remember getting a makeover at the Bobbi Brown counter in the '90s: lavender eyeshadow and brown lipstick. Do you remember that?!" I do because I had the same one. Not for nothing--we should probably bring that back, right?

As for her place at Revlon, she's proud to be the face and not just because they happen to make a great mascara to enhance her already insanely long lashes. "They've singlehandedly funded some incredible medical breakthroughs. Every time you buy a Revlon product you are making a contribution," notes the actress.

Speaking of contributions, Stone is working on a few new contributions of her own to the film world: Birdman, Spiderman (a lot of "man" movies for this feminist!), and she revealed that she was just cast in a new Woody Allen movie that's still in the beginning stages. "I have no idea who else is in and haven't even met with Woody yet!" Fear not--we'll be throwing more Stones at you soon.