Watch The Visually Stunning ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Super Bowl Spot

ScarJo tries to get her life back

This Sunday’s Super Bowl means a plethora of trailers for some of the year’s most anticipated movies will debut this weekend. A film that definitely fits the bill is Ghost in the Shell. But because marketers realize that in the age of smartphones everyone will be checking Twitter during the commercial breaks, we’re getting treated to an early look at the new clip for the Scarlett Johansson-starring movie. Weirdly, most of the footage here has been shown in the previous trailers, but it’s a reminder that this will be one of the most visually stunning movies of 2017.

It opens with a shot of ScarJo’s character, Major, throwing herself off a high-rise. Is this a dream sequence, or is she just trying to make a dramatic entrance? In the world of the film, which is based on the popular anime of the same name, Major is a counterterrorism agent tasked with stopping some of the world’s most horrific criminals. Her main adversary in the film is a mysterious figure known as The Laughing Man, who’s played by Michael Pitt and has yet to show up in any of the film’s promos. There’s a good chance that’s him telling her character, “They did not save your life, they stole it,” as part of her face is being removed. Oh right, forgot to mention that she’s a cyborg.

Ghost in the Shell hits theaters on March 31. Watch the clip above.