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star maps: pinstripe pants

where the wolf of wall street meets the girls of mercer street.

by steff yotka

The winter can become a pretty boring time for your wardrobe. Where spring, summer, and fall allowed for endless experimentation, winter is the time of the years when you put on jeans and a giant sweater every day ad infinitum. Three months of that would make any wardrobe feel depressed.

The solution: pinstripe pants. Because they're a dark color, universally flattering, and often made of thicker materials, pinstripe trousers are the ultimate replacement for jeans. Looking like  a Wall Street banker is a natural fear when it comes to wearing pinstripes, but all you need to take the look from the trading floor to the dance floor is a little style inspiration from Gia Coppola. Coppola paired her pants with a navy sweater and leather jacket--the ultimate cool girl combo. (A good pair of pointy pumps doesn't hurt either.)

So check out the slideshow and find the pinstripe pants to get you out of that winter wardrobe rut. 

Stella McCartney Pinstripe Pants -- $349.50

Madewell Pinstripe Trousers -- $128

Brooks Brothers Navy Pinstripe Pants -- $128

Topshop High Waisted Pinstripe Pants -- $84

Theory Pinstripe Pants -- $275

Acne Studios Pinstripe Trousers -- $360

Emma Cook Pinstripe Pants -- $333.34