Gifts For (Almost) Every Person On Your List

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    by · December 04, 2015

    Some people find joy in shopping for others. Some people would rather not, but they suck it up anyway and feign holiday cheer. It’s the season of giving and what goes around, comes around. That’s, like, how karma works, right?

    Anyway, in the spirit of making your shopping lists just a little more bearable, we’ve created starter packs for 10 types of people in your life: one person, four gifts that are designed to make them feel good. (And not the kind of “good” this little kid thanking a gift giver for an avocado is expressing. Be wary of this kind of gratitude.) Basically, if you’re going to shop for one of these people in your life, get them one or all of the things in the starter packs. Happy giving!

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