Gifts For (Almost) Every Person On Your List

a starter pack

Some people find joy in shopping for others. Some people would rather not, but they suck it up anyway and feign holiday cheer. It’s the season of giving and what goes around, comes around. That’s, like, how karma works, right?

Anyway, in the spirit of making your shopping lists just a little more bearable, we’ve created starter packs for 10 types of people in your life: one person, four gifts that are designed to make them feel good. (And not the kind of “good” this little kid thanking a gift giver for an avocado is expressing. Be wary of this kind of gratitude.) Basically, if you’re going to shop for one of these people in your life, get them one or all of the things in the starter packs. Happy giving!

The Comfy Person Starter Pack

We all have that one person in our lives that lives that comfortable life. They enjoy nights in, wearing soft, loose clothes, and making their home a nest. Which makes giving them all the essentials, like an oversized sweatshirt, comfier-than-thou shoes, a streaming device, and an aroma diffuser a no-brainer.

Marimekko, Snou Sweatshirt, $185, available at; Sanuk, FURBRRR, $45, available at; The Sharper Image, Aromatherapy Diffuser, $59.99, available at; Roku, Roku 1, $49.99, available at

The Hostess Person Starter Pack

If you’re going to throw a party, you want all the essentials: libations, music, and mood setters. 1800’s Keith Haring bottle is a statement maker, in and of itself. Use that with your book of mason jar cocktails as music plays over your Sonos speaker system, and you’ve got the recipe for a solid house party. As for the string lights? They’re easy, breezy mood setters and carry that Instagram-ready ambiance people thrive off of. These are not your dorm room fare.

1800 Tequila, Essential Artist Series 7 (Keith Haring), $34, available at; FOOD52, Mason Jar Shaker & Shake Book Set, $55, available at; SONOS, PLAY:1, $199, available at; Urban Outfitters, White Cord Globe String Lights, $34, available at

The Sporty Person Starter Pack

What do you get the active people in your life? More active things because when you buy sports bras, shorts, leggings, and bags for yourself all the time, everything starts to look the same. Also, Amelia Freer’s book is the anti-diet book we wished we had years ago. It’s all about promoting wellness. (It also helped Sam Smith get into shape.) Pair her guidance with a nice-looking lunch box, and your sporty friend is about to own 2016.

Vimmia, Triumph Bra, $87, available at; Jab Capri, $113, available at; Eat. Nourish. Glow., Amelia Freer, $18.14, available at; Lorna Jane, LJ Insulated Lunch Bag, $39.99, available at

The Party Person Starter Pack

You might not be best friends with this person, but you do turn up with them. And, as a consequence, you’ve seen them at their worst and vice-versa! If that’s not some kind of friendship, then we don’t know what is. So when it comes to gifting them something, be proactive. Think of saving them from empty glasses! Think about saving them from a hangover! Think about their party style! And, more importantly, think about making sure their phone is always charged with a phone-charging wristlet!

RESQWATER, 6-pack, $25, available at; Object & Totem, Bracelet Flask, $35, available at; Christian Louboutin, Silky Satin Lip Colour, $90, available at; Kate Spade New York, Everpurse x Kate Spade New York Quentin Stripe Wristlet Pouch, $198, available at

The Summer-Seeking Person Starter Pack

Whether by land or by sea, by road or by sky, this person lives an uprooted life. They’ve got plans to see the world and it’s your duty to help make sure they’re doing it properly. A TSA-approved bag is key (and a lot less cumbersome to the eye than a regular plastic one). If it’s the beach they seek, then a carry-on backpack that converts to a beach bag is a nice idea. Plus, you can never go wrong with a hipster-approved camera and journal.

Fujifilm, instax mini 8 Instant Film Camera, $74.99, available at; Sephora Collection, Beauty on the Fly, $4.95, available at; Alite, Bike to the Beach Bag, $175, available at; Moleskine, Traveller’s Journal, $19.95, available at

The Music Person Starter Pack

Chances are, the music person in your life is either always on the hunt for the next big thing tech-wise or is sitting pretty with their giant song collection and bullet-proof sound system. That does’t mean they won’t appreciate more things, though. Beats By Dre’s got rose gold wireless headphones, now. How very on trend! If they’re record people, Art Vinyl’s storage turns their collection into wall art. And for a little coffee table goodness, try out a Rick Ross ash tray/coaster/object of desire or the 1001 Albums book.You know they haven’t listen to them all.

Beats By Dre, Solo2 Wireless On-Ear Headphones In Rose Gold, $299.95, available at; Art Vinyl, Play And Display 12” Record Frame, $49.99, available at; 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die, Robert Dimery, $36.95, available at; Deer Dana, Rocky Rozay Ash Tray, $35, available at

The I'm Obligated To Get You A Gift Person Starter Pack

There is going to be someone on your list you’d rather not get a gift for, but you have to. It’s a temperamental fact of life we just have to accept. Luckily, there are gifts that tread neutral ground like candles, quirky mugs, unexpected inventions, and, well, socks. Everyone needs socks. Honestly, this Starter Pack should be subtitled: The Secret Santa Starter Park.

Diptyque, Set Of Three Mini Candles, $90, available at; Society6, Ugly Cry: Kim Kardashian Edition Mug, $15, available at; Corkcicle, Corkcicle.ONE, $34.95, available at; Happy Socks, Electric Women’s Gift Box, $45, available at

The Studious Person Starter Pack

Time to help your friend be the smartest, most well-read person they can be! Giving one of these (almost) guarantees good karma for you because your gift will help this person achieve a goal. Awesome! A planner is a solid place to start because who doesn’t need a planner? And a backpack to put it in, too! Desk sets are pretty great—especially if they’re as stylish as Poppin’s. Like a planner, a water bottle is something you know they’ll use. Plus, every Give Me Tap! bottle gives a person in Africa clean water for five years. Now that’s the gift that keeps on giving., 2016 I Am Very Busy Agenda, $20, available at; Poppin, Aqua Starter Set, $40, available at; JumpFromPaper, Adventure Backpack In Pink, $110, available at; Give Me Tap!, Matte Black 500ml Bottle, $18, available at

The Boss Person Starter Pack

You should really get your boss a gift. Seriously. Depending on your relationship and the type of person they are, you can go all out. We’re going to suggest keeping it (relatively) PG, though. Some architectural pins will add some style to their desk space, as will a succulent. If they’re always on their phone, UncommonGood’s phone charging dock is a fun replacement for that clunky landline. And if all else fails, get them stationary, because handwritten notes are so much more effective than e-mails.

See Jane Work, Paper Airplane Push Pins, $6, available at; UncommonGoods, Talk Dock, $34.99, available at; BloomThat, The Hudson, $45, available at; Terrapin, Deuces A2 Notecards, $18, available at

The Single Person Starter Pack

Whether this person is newly single or thrives off being single, these gifts are all about pleasure—visual (Magic Mike XXL), physical (BABELAND), and mental (plants!). Oh, and Glossier’s face mask set is perfect for treating one’s self. Do yourself a favor and buy two: one to give away and one to give yourself.

Anthropologie, Planetarium Terrarium, $58-$138, available at; Magic Mike XXL, $18.99, available at; Glossier, Mask Duo Set, $38, available at; BABELAND, BABELAND eGIFT CARD, available at