This Behind-The-Scenes Look At Gigi And Zayn’s ‘Vogue’ Shoot Is Goofy, Sexy Bliss

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Earlier, we all saw real-life couple Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid heating up the pages of Vogue in a shoot that was glam, retro, and impossibly romantic. Now, we’re getting to see behind that well-crafted editorial. As it turns out, what happened off camera is—to be honest—way cuter and way hotter.

In a video uploaded to Vogue’s website just today, we’re getting a look at what seems to have been a shoot where the attitude was less classic romance and more real, somewhat bonkers, young love. Gigi and Zayn are all over each other—and the camera—as they act like, well, a 20-something couple having a blast in Italy with each other (because that’s what they are). Even though, yes, there’s a camera from one of the world’s most prestigious publications in front of them, they seem very unguarded while playing and posing. Zayn even smiles! Yes, that actually happened.

Now, there are a couple of steamy moments here (we would expect nothing less). But, actually, the best part is seeing photo legend Mario Testino interact with and comment on the couple. As he says, “How boring is it to be with a couple and they are kissing and you have no one to kiss.” True, Mario, true. No one wants to be the third wheel on a hot date.

So, in the name of Friday vibes and young love, click over here for the original photoshoot or click above to get a little jealous and a little more in love with this couple. Really, this video is just about the sweetest thing that’s been put on the Internet this week—well, except maybe this.