Gigi Gorgeous’ New Documentary Is Everything

Honestly and truly

Gigi Gorgeous is an inspiration. That is, perhaps, the biggest understatement you'll read today. Gigi is a modern day icon, activist, and outspoken advocate for self-love and acceptance. Since launching her YouTube channel in 2008, Gigi has documented her coming out story and transition journey for more than 300 million people and counting. Her message is simple: Your dreams are achievable. And it's all out in the open in her new YouTube Red documentary, This Is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous. We caught up with Gigi during the world premiere at Sundance this year, where she said she hopes audiences walk away feeling like they, too, can live their fantasy. "I hope people can take away from this film that they can... become their most authentic self and be loved for who they are." That message is everything.