Gillian Jacobs Girls

major girls casting scoop!

by liza darwin


might be ending, but as anyone who's watched the show knows, 

this is only the first of what we'll be seeing from Gillian Jacobs. Especially since we just got word that the actress has officially joined the cast of 


! As Lena Dunham tweeted, "It's true! The super-special @GillianJacobs has joined us for Girls season 4. We are pretty lucky." So are we, are we. (


Massive thanks to Jimmy Fallon for bringing his "Mean Tweets" segment back. This week's version stars his

lip synching nemesis Emma Stone,

and it's entirely as hilarious as you'd expect. (



Quvenzhane Wallis is the new face of Armani Junior! And while the campaign might be missing a puppy purse (her signature), she 


pose with a real-life dog, so there's that. (


Because music festival season is only just beginning, get ready for even more awesomeness at the Made in America festival. The August event will be happening on 


coasts this year--in Philadelphia and Los Angeles--over Labor Day weekend and the lineup looks insane. Check it out here. (



Even if you can't afford a Burberry trenchcoat yet, here's good news: at least you can channel Cara and Jourdan and the rest of the Brit brand's faces with a new skincare line. The classic label just announced it's rolling out a new collection of products early next year. (

The Cut

We've all seen the trailer,

now get a first at Taylor Swift's character poster for 

The Giver 

movie here. Feeling spooked out yet? (