Gilmore Girls Netflix

living life the rory and lorelai way.

by liza darwin

Attention, everyone: you can officially cancel all your plans next month, because we've just found your next binge-watch TV obsession. And even better, it's a total blast from the past.

The cult classic TV show Gilmore Girls is making its long-awaited debut on Netflix Instant Watch, meaning that soon we'll be able to stream all seven seasons of the series at once! Amazing, right? You can make a date with Rory and Loralei Gilmore when the entire thing debuts this October, but in the meantime, refresh yourself on the biggest life lessons we've learned from the mother-daughter dream team in the gallery. Then, add your own in the comments!

Everyone just wants a soulmate.

Being smart > being pretty. But also, smart girls are pretty.

Relationships are hard, and sometimes you have to make choices you don't want to make.

It's OK to be alone. It's even OK to be a loner sometimes.

Being best friends with your mom isn't necessarily lame. In fact, it's sort of awesome.