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The Consequence Of Not Following Directions

razzle dazzle gone wrong—very, very wrong

Have you ever purchased a new beauty product but didn’t take the time to follow the directions on the package? Maybe you globbed on hair oil, only to find your freshly washed 'do is greasier than it was pre-shampoo? This, of course, is a much easier fix than, let’s say, turning your entire body fluorescent pink.

One U.K. Lush Cosmetics fan, Abi Shenton, didn’t understand what her solid bath oil was meant for, and instead of diluting it in her bath, she rubbed it all over her body as if it was a bar of soap, resulting in, well, yeah you guessed it—a flamingo pink complexion. In what we could only assume was a state of panic, Shenton tweeted at Lush after her bath, “Hi! @lushcostmetics just a quick question, are your products supposed to stain the human skin fluorescent pink?...”

Lush, known for their ethical, natural, and handmade bath and beauty products, quickly responded:

Shenton later admitted she had misused the product completely.

There are simply some rules we need to follow when it comes to beauty—number one being read directions carefully. Drinking your nail polish will probably not yield desired results. Thankfully, the results of her misuse were only temporary, as she reached out to Pretty52 stating that after three days and several baths, she finally is back to normal.