Get A Sneak Peek At Girlgaze, Amanda De Cadenet’s New Zine

It’s for Generation Z(eitgeist)

by Girlgaze

Today marks the launch of Girlgaze, a new zine produced by Amanda de Cadenet. Through it, de Cadenet seeks to give audiences a new, interactive, and energized form of storytelling. The primary audience is comprising young women, including millennials, yes, but also Generation Z.

Below, find an excerpt from Girlgaze, in which photographers, using Google Pixel 2 cameras, seek to capture the Zeitgeist, which quite literally means the spirit of the times. (Or, if you'd prefer Merriam Webster's definition, "the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era.")

Some of the themes highlighted by these photographers include the rise of women, oppression, nature, and authenticity, with each photographer offering food for thought on issues reminding us that we have the opportunity to shape the Zeitgeist of right now. They all call to mind the importance of reflection, awareness, and knowledge. 

Read on to see what three of these artists contributed to Girlgaze and check out the zine for yourself here.

Bree Holt22, Atlanta, Georgia

What does your photo mean to you?My Zeitgeist photo means bringing recognition to my culture. A culture that fights almost every day to be accepted by society. I am using this opportunity to shine light on the innocent lives taken simply because of the color of their skin and hopefully helping create more chances for young men and women like me.

How did you get involved with Girlgaze?By posting my work on Instagram and using the hashtag #girlgaze shortly after they were preparing for their Annenberg show. The Girlgaze team was interested in using one of my photos, so I flew out to Los Angeles to view the show and meet the team personally, and the rest has been history.

Nolwen Cifuentes29, Los Angeles

What does your photo mean to you? It represents my belief that action is important in this political time we are living in. I went to the steps of L.A. City Hall to photograph it instead of shooting something at home where I'm comfortable. I am worried that a lot of youth who want to see change are not doing much more than posting their gripes on social media. This is a not the time to stay at home. We all need to be politically involved. We need to vote at every election possible, we need to continue to educate ourselves, call our state reps, and join local organizations. That's the message I hope to send with my photo.

How did you get involved with Girlgaze? I found their Instagram page when it had just started. I don't remember exactly how, but it must have been through other female photographers I followed. I tagged a few photos of mine with #girlgaze and #girlgazeproject, and they posted a few photos.

Clara Giaminardi25, Milan, Italy

What does your photo mean to you?My Zeitgeist image touches on my view of the body as inextricably connected to nature; the female body, specifically, cannot escape its links to our raw, natural state. I aim to embrace this link, rather than try and escape it. The natural state of human beings holds beauty, and we should cherish that, and the environment itself. It nurtures us, and we should protect it.

How did you get involved with Girlgaze?I’ve followed Girlgaze on social media for a while, and am a fan of the project! When they got in touch to be a part of this project, I was thrilled.